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On March 25, 2013, Ricky Ericka Roberts aka Ricky Simone: The Hip Hop Activist coordinated a meeting with concerned citizens in Athens, GA to discuss the possibility of opening a LGBT Community Center.

Katy Seppi and Elise Stangle were UGA School of Social Work students at the time and they were instrumental in providing our foundational documents and keeping the center moving forward.

Craig Page along with staff of the former Common Ground organization helped secure our 501(c)3 status; web domain and initial funding.

All of these individuals have since stepped aside and Ricky is about to graduate soon.  Thus, your help is needed to take the Center to a different level.

We envision Common Ground as a center where people can come together in a safe, judgment-free environment to socialize, access programs and services, and collaborate to build a vibrant, diverse community.

Common Ground will work to plan events which appeal to various demographics including youth, elderly, families, people of color, women, people new to Athens, etc. Common Ground will also collaborate with community groups to bring visibility to the culture, history and diversity of the LGBT community.

Programs and services offered at the center will include: arts and culture events; social events; individual, couples, and family therapy; LGBT-friendly referrals; various workshops; and support groups. We would also like to create a resource library and offer free internet access.

Our goal is for the center to rent out a portion of its facility to an outside owner who will use the space to operate a coffee shop or similar venture. This will create a relaxed environment for people to study, socialize, and share ideas.

If you are interested in serving as a board member, please email e.rickyroberts@gmail.com