Board of Directors Responsibilities

Basic Responsibilities, Common Ground Board of Directors

1. All activities, property, affairs and business of the Center shall be managed by the Board of Directors, except as otherwise expressly provided by law, the Certificate of Incorporation, or the Bylaws.

2. Members of the Board of Directors are expected to give annually at a level that is meaningful to them.

3. Each elected Director shall serve a term of two (2) years.

4. It is the board’s responsibility to review the mission and help guide the organization towards its goals.

5. Select the chief executive. Boards must reach consensus on the chief executive’s responsibilities and undertake a careful search to find the most qualified individual for the position.

6. The board must protect the assets of the center at all times. Providing financial oversight is essential.

7. The board must ensure adherence to legal standards and ethical norms.

8. The Board of Directors shall make every effort to reflect the diversity of the community it serves. All Directors shall be voting members of the Board of Directors.

9. The board must ensure there is a system in place to evaluate itself to ensure that there is a competent board in place at all times.

10. Enhance the organization’s public standing. The board should clearly articulate the organization’s mission, accomplishments, and goals to the public and garner support from the community.

Basic Positions, Common Ground Board of Directors

Board positions include but are not necessarily limited to Board Chair, Board Secretary, Board Treasurer and Board Member(s). Board duties are comparable to other organizations. A complete list for each position will be provided at a later date.